Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Student Support Center

Welcome you to the Yerba Buena High School Student Support Center.
How to contact us:
(408) 347-4788
Room 105 on campus

What we do:
• Serve students, families and staff
• Provide counseling for students
• Provide family support
• Link appropriate services
• Promote academic success
• Refer to On or Off-Campus services
Services in our center:
• Mental Health counseling
• Drug and alcohol counseling
• School Psychologist
• Speech Therapist
• Program Specialist
• Social/Life skills
• Anger management
• Teen parenting for students
• Grief/Crisis counseling

How to get services:
It is very simple! Please click on the Student Referral Form, fill it out and you can either turn it in to Room 105 or email it as an attachment to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will contact the referred student.

Who we are: 
Natalie Rodriguez - Coordinator (Thurs. & Fri.)
Nathania Choi- School Psychologist (M-TH)
Rachel Bull Ghezzi- District Social Worker/ Intern Supervisor (Fri.)
Jennifer Klassen- District Social Worker/Intern Supervisor (Fri.)
Clare Brunson- SJSU Intern (Thurs. & Fri.)
Kevin Simrin- SJSU Intern (Thurs. & Fri.)
Jill Kuendig- AACI (Wed.)
Mindy Nguyen – AACI Project Plus (Wed.)
Patrick Ngo – ACCI Project Plus (Wed.)
Karie Marlin- FCHC (Wed.)
Annie Nguyen- FCHC (Wed.)
Kathryn Pangasinan- Speech Therapist (Thurs.)
Berdi Oshidari- Speech Therapist (Wed. & Fri.)
Jim Cardoza- Program Specialist (Mon.- Fri.)

Agencies serving our students:
Asian American Community Involvement (AACI)
Throughout the year, counselors provide assessment, individual counseling and group counseling for students who have social, emotional and behavioral challenges. Counselors also work collaboratively with teachers and school staff. Family counseling, psychiatric and psychological treatment and case management are provided based on the clients’ needs.

Asian American Community Involvement (AACI) Project PLUS
Project PLUS (Peer Leadership Uniting Students) is a life skills development program that focuses on prevention and/ or reduction of youth involvement in gangs, substance abuse, and other misguided activities. They are dedicated to helping raise awareness among youth about pro-social behaviors and choices through developing life skills. They strive to teach leadership, understanding, and coping skills to youth. Some areas of focus include:

Self-Image & Self Improvement
Making Healthy Decisions
Substance Abuse Awareness
Gang Awareness
Anger Management
Effective Communication
Conflict Resolution
Community Service Projects

Foothill Community Health Center (FCHC)
Foothill Community Health Center provides on-site counseling services to students free of cost. The FCHC School Based Mental Health Program offers skilled Marriage Family Therapist Interns to provide counseling services pertaining to peer-relation issues, self-esteem, academic issues, behavioral problems, social skills, divorce, grief and loss, LGBT youth support and family conflict. The MFT Interns aim is to collaborate with school staff, families and the FCHC Outreach team to provide wrap around services and a unique plan of action to support the child’s needs.

San Jose State University (SJSU)
Each year we have a group of high quality graduate students from San Jose State’s School of Social Work whom come to serve our students in the areas of mental health counseling, substance abuse, anger management, social and life skills building and much more.